Sunday, February 17, 2008

Leave it to Beaver

Yesterday morning we were all getting ready for a day of errands when I looked outside to see some poor animal lying near the road. We live on a major highway, so we learn to watch our pets and make sure they do not play close to the traffic. But this animal looked different. It didn't look like a dog or cat, so Dewayne went to investigate. Lo and behold, it was a beaver! This was surprising because I did not know that we had beavers around here. Anyway, it was lying in peaceful eternal rest with no major visible traumatic injuries. The kids saw it and asked what it was, so we told them. As we were pulling out of the drive, Hannah lamented, "Poor beaver!"

Well, this afternoon we were in the van again heading to my mom and dad's for a few minutes to visit. Out of nowhere, Hannah yells, "Mama, the beaver is gone!" We looked and sure enough, no beaver. Now where would a medium sized beaver disappear to? Hannah knew the answer right off the bat. She proclaimed, "JESUS HEALED HIM! HE'S ALIVE!!"

Anyone ever found scripture where Jesus healed the sick, the lame, and the roadkill? Me either!


Ronda said...

Your little Hannah cracks me up!! I didn't know we had beavers around here either. I thought you were going to say that later you were watching the show and Wally said, "poor Beaver"... :)

Jennifer said...

See my post where Abi prayed for the dead mouse...I can relate to Hannah's compassion. So sweet!