Sunday, February 3, 2008

Everything I know, I learned from Andy Griffith

So here is a fun blog for me. I have been faithfully watching The Andy Griffith Show for about 18 years. I began watching it after a breakup from the guy I thought I was going to marry. Of course, I knew this at the ripe age of 14. I was mourning the loss of the relationship and looking for anything to do that didn't even remotely remind me of "him"! I missed him most during the time of night when we would talk on the phone about our future together and how "in love" we were. It was during this time that a local TV station was running two episodes, back to back, of The Andy Griffith Show.

I began to watch this show with half hearted interest and found myself enjoying more and more the homespun comedy presented each night. I laughed as Barney flubbed up one thing after another and learned as Andy taught Opie lessons on life. Pretty soon, I was looking forward to the shows every day. It gave me a way to immerse myself in another world after a day of public school (as the fat kid, no less!).

Years later, I visited the small town that Mayberry was loosely based on: Mt. Airy, NC. Since I was the single mother of a small child at the time, I felt a special kinship with the character of Andy Griffith as I walked the streets where the real Andy Griffith used to walk. I have taught 2 AG Bible studies, I have miniture buildings from the town, and almost all the episodes on either VHS or DVD. I have a AG Trivia Game that I love to play, but can't find anyone around here who wants to. I have pictures, books, and postcard memoribilia. So here are a few things I have learned over the years:

1. A bullet left in your gun belt for a long period of time will turn green.

2. Never leave the keys across the room when you are in a jail cell...they could be invaluable if the cell door gets accidentally locked.

3. Anything can be fixed with fried chicken or a paper sack full of homemade sandwiches.

4. Fishing can take an hour or it can take all day.

5. There is always time for friends.

6. Simplicity is better.

7. Eating dinner together should be the norm.

8. A town can survive without a McDonalds or a Walmart.

9. Teachable moments can occur in everyday situations.

10. Family doesn't have to be mom, dad, and 2.5 children - it can be a dad, a son, and an aunt; or a family made up of mine, his, and ours (like mine!).

Of course, The Andy Griffith Show is not the most important thing ever, but it has been a blessing to me. I still love to watch it every evening, if I can!


Jennifer said...

I'll play TAGS trivia with you!!! I love that show. I'm rusty on it because I haven't seen it lately, but watched it for years too. It's such a great, quality show.

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