Sunday, January 20, 2008

Okay, I AM still living

I am still here! I have not posted a blog in FOREVER because I just haven't had the drive. I know that people go through writer's block for a period of time, but I have just been blocked for what seems like forever. I haven't been idle in my life, I just have had no drive to post.

Just to catch you up a little, we are in the second semester of our school year. Caleb is in the 4th grade and Garth is in the 3rd. I am attempting to teach Hannah some preschool stuff and she has already learned how to recognize and spell her name. We have had ups and downs this year, but mostly ups. Garth has caught up with his 3rd grade peers in Language Arts. This is an amazing feat since he started a whole year behind 2 1/2 years ago. He has worked really hard and I am very proud of him. His strongest subject is still math where he is a little ahead of where he is supposed to be in a challenging curriculum. Garth has continued to develop a love for reading as his skills continue to improve. He enjoys picking out books from the library in subjects that interest him. He is also a wonderful big brother as he tries out his developing reading skills by reading books to his little sister. She loves the attention and he works on his reading. What a great combination!

Caleb continues to amaze me in the subjects he still understands. He is in his second year of Latin and watches a DVD course. He is self driven in this subject. I am not sure I could even help him if he had a problem because I have not been following the lessons like I should (oops!). He aces all the quizzes and tests that came with the course, so I am content to let him work through this one on his own right now. In Math, he is going to complete the sixth grade Saxon course before school lets out and I am contemplating where to go from here with him. If I go like I think I am going to, he will begin earning high school credit in the sixth grade for math. Whew! He still is an avid reader completing a couple of books per week for pleasure reading in addition to his Abeka readers and assigned book (right now that is Robin Hood).

Hannah is, well, Hannah. She is wonderful at taking care of herself while we are doing school. She will play in her kitchen or watch Dora or play a computer game. Sometimes, she will "do school" with us and color her pictures while we do math or language. She is so smart and picks up new concepts really well.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. And I am excited to be back in blogger world for a least until the next writer's block jumps up.

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