Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Computer Triangle

Do you ever feel that you get lost in The Computer Triangle? You are innocently flying along in cyberspace and all of a sudden you get sucked into a black hole of unknowns where there seems to be liitle hope of ever seeing daylight again.

Three days ago, my computer suddenly stopped accessing the internet. Since the internet is a huge part of why I even spend time on the computer, I was sufficiently bummed out. Since I have recently tiptoed into the world of wireless internet access, I assumed my network card was not working properly. Borrowing my hubby's laptop, I searched on the Net (shows you how dependent I am on that) how to test my wireless adapter and/or router so I could quickly and efficiently fix the problem.

Three days later...

My computer sat on the table this morning, taunting me. I could hear it laughing maniacally as it still held my poor internet hostage. I felt as if I would never be the same again, having lost the battle with the little black box. I was wounded and bleeding but ready to admit that I was defeated. Then, suddenly, out of the darkness, two little words came through the sadness of defeat..."system restore"...it echoed in my brain and jarred me into having a coherent thought. Yes! System restore! It is one of those features on the computers that allow you to restore programs back to a certain point without losing your documents and such.

Could it work? Could this be the answer? My mind raced as one rational thought seemed to flow into another..."It was working fine last week."..."Something had to have altered the process in some way during the last few days."..."I maybe could restore the computer to the way it was a week ago, before the probelms began."

With bated breath and a dry mouth, my fingers flew across the mouse pad, giving the command to system restore. I felt powerful, I felt hopeful, I felt terrified that this was not going to work.

The process completed, I rebooted, and....here is the increasing suspense...IT WORKED!

As my home page leapt into view on the screen, I felt as if I had done my part in the Human vs. Computers War. This collection of boards, drives, and pixels had not won. It had put up a good fight and had caused me to doubt my sanity, but in the end it is ON THE INTERNET because IT DID NOT WIN!

And now, I sit in my glory as a winner, replaying the moment of victory over and over in my head, basking for the moment because I know that one day, this computer will come at me again. The battle is over but the war is still yet to be completed.