Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer Blogging

I have just spent a while looking at other people's blogs and reading such great stuff! I am always amazed at the funny and insightful things you come across when floating around in blogland. The only drawback about reading so many wonderful writings is that it really puts the pressure on!

This summer has been pretty tame. Garth has been visiting his mom and grandma, Caleb went on a trip for a week and half, and Hannah has been in Mother's Day Out for the first time. I have actually had some alone time. On one day, I went to the local thrift store, had a quiet lunch (where I actually read a book!), then went to the library where I did not step foot in the children's section! The radio in the car stayed on the classical station and I did not have to referee any arguments at all.

All in all, the summer has been great. But my mundane summer has one doesn't leave ANY material for blogging! Oh well, I have a feeling things will get interesting once school begins again.

1 comment:

Gayle said...

You need blogging material, do ya? I can think of about a hundred and 6 things that you could talk about...LOL! Just pretend like we are on the phone gabbing. ;)
Nevermind, you'd scare people then!